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INSP’s contract with DIRECTV is expiring tonight, which means you could LOSE all your favorite INSP programs! LEARN MORE

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Phone Tips

If you care about INSP, you can help by contacting DIRECTV. Just call this toll-free number: (844-GET-INSP), and you will automatically be connected to DIRECTV!

Once you are connected, use these tips to reach a customer service agent to voice your concern.

If you hear a brief message, provide the phone number associated with your account. For the fastest connection to a representative, when prompted, say “Change Package.” (This will not automatically make any changes to your account. It simply is the quickest way to get through to a live representative.)

If the system does not recognize your phone number, say “I don’t know the number.” Provide your zip code associated with your account. Then you will be connected to the appropriate customer service center.

Remember that the best time to call DIRECTV is in the morning during the week. And when you are connected, make sure that you tell them that you enjoy INSP, and want them to keep offering INSP to the millions of DIRECTV customers just like you!

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There’s strength in numbers, and your action today will make a difference in getting INSP back on DIRECTV. In the meantime, we’re working hard on our end to restore your favorite channel. If you would like to take further action to have your opinion heard, click here.

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You can still do more:

Statement: INSP is just a “smaller programmer” and doesn’t merit a full-time channel.

Wrong! INSP is available in more than 60 million homes. INSP was viewed by people in more than 35 million homes in the last year, and its viewership continues to grow. Nielsen consistently ranks INSP among the top 10 highest-rated cable networks.


Statement: Consumers don’t need INSP since its programs can be seen on other networks.

Wrong! Many INSP programs can’t be seen on any other network. In fact, INSP actually has more exclusive content than numerous high profile networks, including original series like “Freedom on the Range,” “Into the Wild Frontier,“  “Wild West Chronicles,” and “Ultimate Cowboy Showdown” (featuring Trace Adkins). Plus dozens of original films. INSP provides a fresh environment unlike any other network. INSP consistently ranks top 10 in viewer loyalty, and total time watched.


Statement: DIRECTV didn’t drop INSP; INSP decided not to renew the agreement.

Wrong! DIRECTV declined to renew. INSP has been carried by DIRECTV for fifteen years, and it is free to DIRECTV and its customers. The fact is that DIRECTV pays substantial fees to nearly all other networks that it distributes. In the past year alone DIRECTV paid more than $1 billion to networks with lower ratings than INSP But, despite the fact that INSP has higher ratings than more than half of the networks that DIRECTV carries, DIRECTV is refusing to carry INSP.


Statement: INSP only was carried by DIRECTV because INSP paid for carriage.

Wrong! INSP does not pay for carriage. INSP is carried by DIRECTV and by almost all cable systems nationwide, at no cost. INSP also is available through Philo (, Tubi (, and other streaming services. DIRECTV is refusing to recognize that INSP has become one of its most popular networks and continues to deserve a full-time channel. In fact, INSP is the second-highest ranked cable network carried by DIRECTV (Nielsen April 2022). DIRECTV is ignoring the wishes of millions of its customers.


Statement: DIRECTV makes programming decisions based on the interests of its customers, and seeks to keep costs low by negotiating the best rates.

Wrong! DIRECTV’s refusal to carry INSP is not in the best interest of their customers since INSP is free. DIRECTV pays most programmers millions of dollars, even those with low ratings and little consumer interest. Meanwhile Nielsen reports that INSP is the second-highest ranked cable network carried by DIRECTV. If DIRECTV really were concerned about the interests of their customers, they would carry INSP, which has higher ratings than more than half the networks carried by DIRECTV, and INSP is free.


Statement: Why doesn’t INSP pay like everyone else does?

Wrong! DIRECTV actually pays almost all other networks. In fact, in the past year alone DIRECTV actually paid more than $1 Billion to networks with lower ratings than INSP.


Statement: There is nothing DIRECTV customers can do but just accept the decisions by DIRECTV.

Wrong! DIRECTV customers have many options. They can switch carriers. INSP is carried by most cable companies in the country and by Dish Network. INSP also is available through Philo (, Tubi (, and other streaming services. To find out where you can get INSP in your area, just go to “Find INSP on your TV” on INSP’s home page ( This will tell you how you can get INSP.

DIRECTV customers do have leverage if they let their voices be heard. DIRECTV customers should be asking why DIRECTV would remove a popular network that is free.

This is the time to speak up! Here is what you can do:

  1. Call DIRECTV, toll-free: 844-438-4677 (844-GET-INSP). You will be automatically connected. Tell them to return INSP to their channel lineup!
  2. E-mail DIRECTV. Tell them that you are tired of paying for networks you don’t want, and tired of them removing popular networks like INSP (particularly when INSP is FREE and doesn’t cost you a penny). Demand that they return INSP to their channel lineup.
  3. Update your Facebook page. Emphasize that INSP is free, and demand that DIRECTV return INSP to their lineup. And post this message on the DIRECTV Facebook page.
  4. Update your other social media pages.


Statement: This is just a private dispute.

Wrong! In fact, DIRECTV has abused its market power and ignored consumer interest. The actions of DIRECTV impact millions of consumers, many of whom have limited options for their information and entertainment. The actions of DIRECTV reflect the growing concern that conglomerates like DIRECTV are gaining too much power, and increasingly ignoring consumer interests.

This issue really is about consumer choice and fairness. INSP is offering the most desirable terms possible: free carriage. Yet DIRECTV insists on exercising its dominant market power, abusing its public trust, and making unreasonable demands.


Statement: DIRECTV has no obligation to carry INSP and can make any decisions it wants.

Wrong! DIRECTV has a legal obligation to approach its business in light of consumer interests. DIRECTV uses highly valuable public spectrum, worth billions of dollars, on which it has built a profitable business.  DIRECTV has an obligation to respond to public interests for these assets.

For more information, and to find out what you can do, simply visit


Statement: Consumers today have many choices for TV service. If they want INSP, they should just switch services.

Wrong! Millions of Americans live in areas with limited options. Many depend on DBS services like DIRECTV for TV carriage. DIRECTV’s decision deprives these Americans of the programs that they want and watch.


Statement: INSP is being greedy and making unreasonable demands. INSP just wants to line their pockets.

Wrong! INSP could hardly be less greedy. INSP always has been free to DIRECTV and its customers. This means that you pay nothing to receive INSP programming. What is amazing is that DIRECTV is refusing to carry INSP, even though we are free and one of the most popular networks they carry, watched literally by millions of their customers each week. In contrast, most networks carried by DIRECTV demand a monthly fee that totals more than $1 billion a year! DIRECTV passes these charges on to you and other customers. Just think! $1 billion each year! In contrast, INSP remains free.

Don’t Let DIRECTV Take Away Your Favorite Shows

INSP’s Contract with DIRECTV Is Expiring Tonight at MIDNIGHT ET: You could lose INSP with our popular programs. Unless you act now!

DIRECTV is refusing to renew the agreement to carry INSP, even though INSP is one of the top 10 highest-rated of ALL cable networks.  And even though INSP is FREE, so there is no cost to DIRECTV, or to you, its customers. In contrast, in the past year alone, DIRECTV actually paid more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS to networks with lower ratings than INSP.

The facts confirm that INSP is one of the favorite networks of millions of DIRECTV customers with higher ratings than more than half of the networks DIRECTVcarries.  Why would DIRECTV be willing to remove a popular, highly-rated network that doesn’t cost anything to them or to you?

If you are one of the millions of INSP viewers who love INSP’s programs, now is the time to take action. Demand that DIRECTV renew the agreement to carry INSP!  Congress and the FCC are looking into the way companies like DIRECTV treat networks like INSP, and how this impacts consumers like you. It’s important to realize that you really can make a difference! Here is what you can do:

  • Take to Facebook and Twitter using #IWantMyINSP and tell DIRECTV that INSP is free, and demand that they renew the agreement to keep INSP
  • Call DIRECTV. Just call this toll-free number: 844-438-4677 (844-GET-INSP). You will be automatically connected. Tell them to renew the agreement to carry INSP!

Take a stand for consumer choice, and the programs you want. Demand that DIRECTV carry INSP in its lineup.