Help Bring INSP Back to DIRECTV!

Make your voice and your choice heard. Here’s how you can help:
1. Call DIRECTV at the toll-free number: 1-844-GET-INSP (1-844-438-4677)
2. Fill out the petition on the right
Family values are a part of what makes America great. INSP celebrates those values with programming that promotes families, honors veterans and captures the American spirit. It is this commitment to families and veterans that has enabled INSP to become one of the fastest growing networks in America.
On February 1, 2014, DIRECTV removed INSP from their line-up. INSP is offered free to TV providers and doesn’t add one single penny to your monthly satellite bill. Even though INSP is offered free, DIRECTV raised your rates due to increased programming charges.

DIRECTV Update (2/18/14):

INSP takes pride in operating with integrity. This means keeping private matters private. Honoring these principles, we had hoped to keep private the issues involving our contract discussions with DIRECTV. However, DIRECTV has made public comments that have caused some of our viewers to doubt our sincerity. So, we are here to set the record straight: You deserve the whole truth.
The truth is:

  • INSP NEVER wanted to go off of DIRECTV.
  • INSP made numerous offers to renew with DIRECTV and provide them with our channel – FOR FREE.
  • DIRECTV rejected our offer to carry INSP for free, even though DIRECTV pays at least 90% of the other programming networks they carry.
  • Half of those “other” programming networks DIRECTV carries and “PAYS FOR” have lower ratings than INSP. Many of those networks carry programming you find offensive and distasteful.
  • DIRECTV is trying to use its size and market power to extract unreasonable terms from INSP.

Call DIRECTV and ask them this simple question, “Why won’t you carry INSP for FREE?”

To take action, please:

  1. Call DIRECTV at the toll-free number: 1-844-GET-INSP (1-844-438-4677)
  2. Fill out the petition on the right